The Written Works of Joe Struss 

Welcome.  I have written or co-written around twenty Live Action Roleplay games or LARPs which other people know as murder mystery parties.      I tend to write and run a LARP every year with Owen Reynolds and Jeff Mowen at DemiCon in Des Moines, IA.

I have also been the main writer for several scripts written for the Trans-Iowa Canal Company.   I am currently working on my first Young Adult novel which I will probably self-publish later this year along with a LARP or two.

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Joe and his wife Mandi posing with treasure
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Currently Working On

Young Adult Novel - "Moving Right Along:   A Canine Murder Mystery with Dogboy And ClearEyes"
- a middle school boy who is very in touch with dogs and his psychic friend are asked to solve a canine mystery 

Recent Live Action RolePlay Mystery / Adventures:

Wonderland LARP (2018)  - steampunk Indiana Jones with some Lewis Carroll and a few robots

Ultimate SuperHero Game Show LARP (2017)  - minor superhero's compete to see you will be the next SuperTeam member but maybe super villians are out to spoil the fun.

Zombie Space Party LARP (2016) - trapped on a starship being attacked by Killer Zombies.   Is that really the time to throw a party?